Monday, December 27, 2010

4 for FOREVER!

Wanted to let you know about this really cool challenge going on... Read below and see how you can get involved!!!

There are FOUR more children in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, who RIGHT NOW need sponsors.


--Not counting today, there are 4 more full days left in 2010.
We are asking you to pray for FOUR minutes about who you could ask to sponsor a child.


--Then, invite the FOUR people who came to your mind to sponsor one of the FOUR children who need to know they are loved, protected, and provided for. Invite them to take a step of faith that can FOREVER change the life of the FOUR children in the next FOUR days.

*Our goal is to have the remaining FOUR children sponsored before the ball drops and 2011 is here.*


--If you have accepted the challenge, please go to the EFFORT Africa facebook wall, and write "4 for FOREVER" so we may pray for you by name and those you have spoken to!


Child Profiles are here!

I believe that God can and will move on the hearts of those you speak with. Face to face, email, texts, facebook, twitter, phone calls.... no matter how you do it, we believe our God is capable!!

Ready... Set.... Go!

For Orphans and the King,


Selam, age 10

Yohanes, age 10

Tsga, age 4

Tewdros "Teddy", age 11